About the Program

The Department of English aspires to assume a national and regional leading role in the teaching of and research into English language, literature, and linguistics.

The Department seeks to provide its students with quality education and rigorous training in the English language, literature, and applied and theoretical linguistics. It also aims to develop the students’ English language, thinking, and research skills. Through the unique combination of breadth and depth, theory and practice, knowledge and skills, the Department endeavors to prepare its students to achieve language proficiency, succeed academically and professionally, thrive intellectually, and meet the requirements of the job market. The Department also emphasizes scholarly research and community outreach and service and promotes intercultural understanding and exchange.

The program requires acquiring a good command of English Language skills, an extensive reading of literary texts with a primary focus on their contexts, genres, theoretical apparatus, and interpretive tools, and getting familiar with the basic facts, levels and branches of linguistics as well as a study of general education courses so that the students can develop insights into different enlightened ideas, and attain employability skills in competitive job markets. Therefore, the program is committed to preparing the students for any field that values careful reading, precise thinking, and the ability to write clear, persuasive prose.

Program Objectives

The program aims at:
Providing students with broad theoretical and practical knowledge and deep understanding of English language, literature, and linguistics; developing students’ language and communication skills through employing a theory and technology-enhanced approach to teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing; cultivating students’ critical and creative thinking skills and fostering their research capabilities; conducting theoretical, empirical, practical, and comparative research on the English language, literature, and linguistics; exploiting the intersection and mutual benefits between the English language/ linguistics and modern technological applications.

Areas of Concentration

The program concentrates on the courses on English literature ranging from the old period to the postmodern period encompassing all representative works so that the students can attain a complete insight into understanding the various literary trends, tendencies, and movements. Simultaneously, they will be able to appreciate the body of literary works critically.

Career Opportunities

There are myriad of jobs that you can do with a degree in English. Studying English prepares you for a diverse range of professional fields, including teaching, journalism, publishing, media, and fine arts. You can also get jobs in the entertainment, public relations, non-profit and even technology fields. In fact, there are actually a vast number of careers you can build with an English major. Good communication skills are incredibly important to employers, and learning how to communicate well is an integral part of majoring in English. You also learn how to research, think critically, and use your creativity with all super employable skills.

One who passes B.A. (Hons.) in English with CGPA 3.0 and above has a fair chance to qualify in BCS and other lucrative jobs in both the public and private sectors.

Admission Requirements

  • GPA of at least 2.5 (or 2nd division) in both SSC and HSC exams.
  • GPA of at least 2.00 either in SSC or HSC exam but the total GPA of SSC & HSC must be at least 6.00.
  • O-level with at least 5 subjects and A-level with at least 2 subjects in which there must be at least ‘B’ grades or GPA 4.00 in 4 subjects and ‘C’ grades or GPA 3.50 in the remaining 3 subjects.
  • North American High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Direct admission for students having GPA 5 in both SSC & HSC, 5 “A’s” in O-Level and 3 “A’s” in A-Level.

Course Structure

Course CategoryNo. of CoursesCredit per CourseTotal Credits
General Education(GED)6318
Second /Foreign Language1303
Language and Linguistics9327

Degree Requirements

The B.A. (Hons.) degree requirements will be as follows:

  • Completion of 126.0 credit hours.
  • Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Financial Information

ParticularsUnit Cost (in Tk.)Total (in Tk.)Mode of Payment
Admission Fee + Form Fee1050010500Once
Tuition Fee (Per Credit) (Total 126 credits)1600201600Semester- wise
Registration Fee500040000Semester-wise
Internship Registration FeeN/AN/AN/A
Library Fee20002000Once
Lab. Fee5004000Semester-wise
Student Activities Fee5004000Semester-wise

List of Courses

 Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
GED Core CoursesENG 100Remedial English0
ENG 101English Composition3
ENG 102English II Oral and Written Communication3
GED 119History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh3
GED 117Functional Bangla3
GED 107Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology3
GED 111Computer Fundamentals and Web Technology3
Program Major CoursesENG 401Old English Literature in Translation3
ENG 402Medieval English Literature3
ENG 403Renaissance English Literature3
ENG 404Introduction to Poetry3
ENG405Introduction to Prose and Drama3
ENG 406Shakespearean Drama3
ENG 407Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama3
ENG 408Restoration and 18th Century English Literature3
ENG 409Romantic Poetry3
ENG 410English Novel from Austen to Hardy3
ENG 411Victorian Prose and Poetry3
ENG 412American Literature I3
ENG 413American Literature II3
ENG 414Modern English Literature3
ENG 415South Asian Literature in English3
ENG 416African and Caribbean Literature in English3
ENG 417Critical Theory& Criticism3
ENG 418Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature3
ENG 419Classics in Translation3
ENG 420Research Methodology3
ENG 421Thesis6
Language and Linguistics CoursesENG 201Spoken English and Phonetics3
ENG 202Reading & Writing3
ENG 203Developing Vocabulary3
ENG 204English for Professional Purposes3
ENG 205Introduction to Linguistics3
ENG 206English Language Teaching (ELT)3
ENG 207Fundamentals of Sociolinguistics3
ENG 208Teaching Language through Literature3
ENG 209Academic Writing3
ENG 210Teaching Second Language Skills3
ENG 211Language and Media3
ENG 212Discourse Analysis3
Second/Foreign Language CoursesFLN 101Foreign Language Spanish3
FLN 102Foreign Language French3
FLN 103Foreign Language Japanese3
Minor CoursesENG 301Introduction to Bangla Literature3
ENG 302History of English Literature3
ENG 303History of England3
ENG 304Western Philosophy3


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