Nowadays quality assurance becomes a global phenomenon in academia. At the tertiary level, in our country it appears that quality assurance is an immense need for our graduates to attain the competence of global standard. That is why, in the recent years the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC)have rightly taken an initiative under the Higher Education Quality Education Project (HEQEP)jointly financed by the Government of Bangladesh and the World Bank. Asa part of the initiative, the universities-- irrespective of public and private—have formed the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) under the guidelines of the Quality Assurance Unit(IQAU) of the UGC.

IQAC is a consultative body established duly to oversee not only the quality assurance in the areas of teaching, learning, and assessment, but it also effectively helps the broader areas of a university for its smooth functioning conforming to global standard which is obviously required for achieving accreditation from the Bangladesh Accreditation Council(BAC)formed under the Bangladesh Accreditation Council Act, 2017. IQAC helps a university in the larger scopes including a university’s governance, employees’ professional development, physical facilities, curriculum review and development, students’ support services, extension, research, and continuous improvement. Very significantly, it helps the different Departments of a university to undertake the self-assessment survey for identifying their strength, opportunities, weakness, threats, thereby co-operating with the Departments for taking the further improvement plans and ultimately gaining the desired standard in these areas for accreditation.

In the context of ISU, a newly established university, it is a matter of great joy that on04 February 2020 IQAC was formed and started working in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor and as per the guideline of the IQAC Manualand the instructions of the UGC. We seek co-operation from all the concerned for proper plans and initiatives to be taken by IQAC, ISU and for their implementations for the sake of the university’s continual improvement aiming at producing globally competent graduates and achieving accreditation from the statuary body, BAC. Long Live ISU.

K Ahmed Alam
Associate Professor of English and Director, IQAC


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