Department of English


The Department offers two Programs: Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Art in English Literature and Cultural Studies. The abbreviations: B.A (Honors) in English and MA in English Literature and Cultural Studies.


The Department of English aspires to shoulder a national and regional leading role in the teaching of and research into English language, literature, and linguistics.


M1The Department seeks to provide its students with quality education and rigorous training in the English language, literature, and applied and theoretical linguistics.
M2It also aims to develop the students’ English language, thinking, and research skills.
M3Through the unique combination of breadth and depth, theory and practice, knowledge and skills, the Department endeavors to prepare its students to achieve language proficiency, succeed academically and professionally, thrive intellectually, and meet the requirements of the job market.
M4The Department also emphasizes scholarly research and community outreach and service, and promotes intercultural understanding and exchange.

Quality Policy

To provide services of the highest quality both curricular and co-curricular so that our students can integrate their skills and serve the industry and society equally well at a global level