Message from Chairman, BoT


Engineer A.K.M. Mosharraf Hussain

Chairman, BoT
It is a pleasure for me to introduce ISU as a social organization with commitment to ensure quality education. The vision is to serve the society in all possible ways by developing competent manpower for our nation. The stakeholders will not take any profit from the university, rather will reinvest 100% of profits in further development of the university. The students will be provided with all sorts of facilities to develop themselves and find career opportunities at home and abroad. Job opportunities are also there for the most deserving ones within the Standard Group, its sister concerns and other organizations. We will in sha Allah, reach our goal of branding this university as a center of excellence where quality will exist in all of its operational activities and each student will turn out as an asset for the self, the parents and society. The authority, the teachers, the officers and the support staff will proactively remain engaged to ensure students a friendly teaching and learning environment on the campus. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will be ensured both within and outside the campus for balanced development of ISU graduates. We welcome prospective students to visit our campus and choose ISU as your own university.