Department of Textile Engineering


Textile engineering is the application of science to the creation of fabrics, yarns, and fibers, as well as the methods and equipment used to manufacture them. The majority of textile engineers work in research and innovation, either enhancing or developing new textile-based products or technologies.

Bangladesh's garment and textile industries are strategic sectors. It has already established itself as a significant supplier of high-quality items. Bangladesh has placed strong emphasis on this area, taking advantage of the globally competitive world economy. Along with the government, quality efforts from various levels of private sector have contributed to our country's progress. The rapid expansion of the textile industry has produced a plethora of job opportunities for skilled workers.

International Standard University (ISU) has established the Department of Textile Engineering (DTE) in 2018 to meet this demand with qualified graduates. DTE is supported by a group of highly qualified, dynamic, devoted, and experienced academic members. Our goal is to create innovative, flexible graduates who can take on management, R&D, and competitiveness responsibilities by leveraging current engineering techniques to build unique, useful products and solutions. We are continuing to solidify our position as a key center of excellence for scientific research and technical advancements and achievements.