International Standard University (ISU) emphasizes hands-on-experiences of students. In this regard, labs play an important role. In order to better understand the relevant concepts, lab provides an opportunity to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. Therefore, ISU is committed to developing and maintaining modern lab facilities for them.

Physics Lab

The area of the Physics Laboratory is 562 sqft. This lab is equipped with different types of modern instruments such as Joule's calorimeters, potentiometer, pendulum, optical bench, traveling microscope, resistance boxes, rheostats of various ranges, slide calipers, screw gauges, Lee's and Charlton's apparatus, voltmeters, ammeters, multi-meters etc. for carrying out physics experiments. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Textile Engineering jointly share this lab for their respective courses.

Chemistry Lab

 The area of the Chemistry Laboratory is 532 sqft. This lab is well equipped with various types of apparatus such as pH meter, electric balance, water distillation plant, required laboratory glassware, and required reagent for the chemistry experiments. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Textile Engineering jointly share this lab for their respective courses.

Computer Lab

The area of the computer lab is 482 sqft. This lab has 20 high performance HP PC with Microsoft Windows-10 Professional License. It ensures the multimedia projector with screen, Server-Dell Storage-1757-ST-NX3230 and the online UPS facility.

Textile Lab

The area of the textile lab is 2000 sqft. This lab is well-equipped with Carding Machine, Drawing Frame, Ring Frame, Rapier Loom R.S 56, Automatic Knitting Machine (Jacquard), Hand Gloves Machine, Flat Knitting Machine, Dial Linking Machine, Cone Winding Machine, Inspection Table, Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine, Two Needle Lock Stitch Machine, Chain Stitch Machine, Over Lock Machine (5 thread), Button Hole Machine, Button Stitch Machine, Flat Lock Machine, Blind Stitch Machine, Snap Button Machine, Hand Cutting Machine, Vacuum Iron Table (Line), Steam Iron (Line), Bartack Machine, Waist Belt Setting Machine, Washing Machine, Sample Dyeing Machine, Sample Printing Machine.

 ISU has also signed an MoU with Standard Group for its students to use the well-equipped textile labs of 6000 sqft area situated at Kalshi, Mirpur. Those labs are enriched with modern instruments required for UK and USA standard. Moreover, ISU students have the opportunities for acquiring practical knowledge and internship in 21 factories of Standard Group.

 Textile Testing Lab

The area of the textile testing lab is 375 sqft. This lab is well-equipped with Lux Meter, Mecmesin for button pull test with CPU and Monitor, Whirlpool tumple dryer, Whirlpool washing machine, Magnifying glass, Wrap reel electronic, Digital tachometer, Hygro meter, Digital stop watch, Rota wash with steel balls, canister, Electronic Crockmeter, Four digit balance, Yarn twist tester, Oven, Light box and grey scale, Perspirometer, eleven acrylic plates, Tearing strength tester, Tinius olsun tensile machine, Button pull tester, Moisture meter.

ISU Language Lab

In many cases it is observed that many of university graduates remain linguistically deficient and poor communicators for which they cannot successfully compete in and contribute to different fields in the national and international arena.  International Standard University (ISU), therefore, aims at providing an environment for the students' skills and capacity development emphasizing language proficiency, and sets up the ISU Language Lab under the Department of English. The Language Lab helps the students, providing language learning environment, accuracy and fluency in language so that they can meet pedagogical and professional needs. It also helps the teachers, for their continuous and professional development, be familiar with updated methods of and approaches to effective language teaching.

 ISU Language Lab is well furnished with necessary technological equipment (computers and audio-visual options) along with adequate reading materials for the students to attain the desirable command of the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The students will be involved in various language practices: exercises, activities, and tasks. They will get opportunities including self-learning, oral presentations (public speaking and seminar), intensive and extensive reading, and visualization through videos.  The students will acquire proficiency in speaking, communication, understanding and analyzing various texts and contexts. Their performance will be evaluated through continuous assessments like tests, presentations, and assignments.

The Language Lab offers the following services at no cost:

• Helping students overcome their linguistic weaknesses as remedial measures

• English Speaking and Writing sessions with one to one tutoring

• Listening and Reading Skills practice

• Helping the students with all types of English Language tests

• Use of computer equipment to facilitate language practice

• Facilitating self-learning through the use of latest language learning software.

• Allowing students to reinforce material learned in classs by putting them into practice through interactive activities.