World Cup Genius Bangladesh (Rules & Regulations)

1. Eligibility for Participation:

  • Each team will consist of three (3) members, including Class XI, Class XII, and/or HSC Examinees, representing colleges in Bangladesh.
  • All team members must be currently enrolled students including Class XI, Class XII, and/or HSC Examinees at the respective college they represent.
  • Each college is allowed to send only one team of three (3) members to this competition.
  • All the students/participants/supporters from different colleges must wear their valid ID Cards during the tournament.
  • Each team has to submit a Letter of Approval from the principal or authority of the college.

2. Registration:

  • Colleges interested in participating must register their teams by October 05, 2023, through ISU Website: Click Here
  • To register, click the Registration Link below and fill it out correctly:
  • Registration Form: Click Here
  • Registration Fee: 1000 Tk.

3. Format:

  • The competition will consist of multiple rounds of cricket-based questions.
  • Questions may cover various aspects of cricket, including history, rules, players’ performance & records, current events, etc.
  • Each match/round will consist of a set of questions, and teams will have a limited time to answer them.
  • Teams will earn points based on the correctness of their answers.

4. Scoring:

    Points will be awarded / counted as follows:

  • Correct answers: [1/2/3/4/5/6 Runs]
  • Neutral/Un-answers/Non-Responsive: [Dot Ball / 0 Run]
  • Incorrect answers: [Out]
  • Tiebreakers, if necessary, will be decided by a sudden-death question.

5. Conduct of the Quiz:

  • The quiz competition will be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.
  • Teams are expected to maintain sportsmanship throughout the competition.
  • Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or disruptive behaviour will result in immediate disqualification.

6. Schedule:

  • The date, time, and location of the competition will be communicated to registered teams in advance.
  • Teams are expected to arrive at least two (2) hours before the start time/live stream.

7. Prizes:

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top-performing teams, including trophies, certificates, prize money, and other exciting rewards.
  • The winning team will be recognized as the "ISU World Cup Genius" and receive the prestigious championship trophy, prize money, and other exciting rewards.

8. Organizers' Decision:

  • The organizers' decisions on all matters related to the quiz competition, including rules, scoring, and disputes settlement will be final and binding.

9. Organizers' Decision:

  • For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the quiz competition, please contact:
  • Mr. S. M. Naser Iqbal

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Business Administration

    Chief Coordinator: Event Activation Committee

    ISU World Cup Genius

    International Standard University


    Mobile: 01673900077 / 01313037121

    Mr. Arafat Hossain

    Coordinator: Event Activation Committee

    ISU World Cup Genius

    International Standard University


    Mobile: 01313400600

    *For emergency, Call: 01313037135